Shift New York Psychic and Holistic Fair

18th Annual SHIFT FAIR

Sat, April 27th & Sun April 28th,  10am-5pm Both Days!

Oneonta Quality Inn, 5206 State Hwy 23, Oneonta, NY 13820

Saturday, April 27th, 2024 at 12pm @ Glimmerglass Room

WORKSHOP: "Ascension Now" with Gloria DiPietro

Gloria discusses why we are programmed to ascend, why now and what do we have to do to get to the 5th dimension. She explains why clearing up your past karma is important in the ascension process. She will then do a brief experiential drawing session with the group to see what is holding you back from living your greatest and fullest life.

As far back as G. C. De Pietro can recall, creativity has been her healer, her solace, her friend and her joy. Born prematurely and later diagnosed with a life-threatening childhood disease, De Pietro spent much of her early youth in hospitals. She knew she would commit her life to the metaphysical world through writing and healing after surviving several near-death experiences. She attended New York's School of Visual Arts for her undergraduate degree, Paris American Academy for international studies and the College of New Rochelle for Graduate school, where she received a Master’ Degree in Art Therapy in 2005.


De Pietro painted and showed her work extensively through the 80s and 90s in galleries and museums from NY to California. Despite these successes, De Pietro felt that there was too much unresolved trauma in the world. After working in residential treatment with traumatized youth for 15 years as an art therapist she realized that she needed to go deeper. She wrote a book about her involvement with these children called Abandoned, which is available on It tells the story of forgotten boys and how the art therapy process helped them heal.

Looking for answers as to why these things happen to so many young unsuspecting children, she began to investigate karmic patterns. That is when she was introduced to Roger Woolger, Ph.D., a graduate of Oxford University and a Jungian analyst. While studying with Dr. Woolger, Ms. DePietro discovered how the wheel of karma teaches us the lessons we need to learn. After studying for 5 years with Dr. Woolger, Ms. De Pietro became a certified Past Life Regression Therapist in 2010. She now combines Akashic readings with Past Life Regression Therapy to make a unique contribution to the transpersonal psycho-therapeutic community. She has a new book called A Soul’s Journey, the story of traveling through time to find the truth. De Pietro is adept in finding the deeply hidden suppressed memories that keep causing disturbances in everyday life. Whether these memories are derived from this life, as in early childhood or from a past life, she can find the root cause of the complex, bring it to consciousness and transform it. As Jung explained “a complex arises where we have experienced a defeat”, therefore the psyche is hard wired to resolve it, trying over and over again to change the defeat into a triumph.

She can be reached at and offers workshops and private sessions. She continues to be inspired by an inner knowledge of what some call the spirit of the eternal that guides her.

Pre-book with Gloria for a private session with her at this fair to guarantee your spot, or just drop in.


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Glimmerglass Room
"Ascension Now" with Gloria DiPietro
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18th Annual Shift Fair, April 27th & 28th, 2024
At The Oneonta Quality Inn, 5206 State Hwy 23, Oneonta, NY 13820
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